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All South Bay Footcare

Look For All South Bay Footcare Providers

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The feet are said to be the workhorses of the human body, as they take an average of 5,000 steps a day. However, when you give this body organ little attention, you can experience foot problems that will need the help of experts.  Keep reading to know three reasons why you should look for All South Bay Footcare Providers.

A Variety of Services Offered

All South Bay Footcare Providers offer services like Clearanail® Treatment for Thick Fungal Toenails and Painless Incision Bunion Surgery. Also, in their list are Nerve Decompression for Peripheral Neuropathy and Flatfoot Correction. They also have Subtalar Implant for Flatfoot and Botox for Sweaty Feet. For Fat Pad Atrophy (pain in the balls of the feet), they offer Collagen or Sculptra and Restalyne Injections. Their services also include Aesthetic Foot Procedures, Regenerative Therapy, and Footmaxx System.

Latest Treatment for Thick Fungal Toenails

In All South Bay Footcare, they have this latest treatment for fungal nails that have the same fungal infection as that of the Athlete’s Foot. The Clearanail® Treatment, with the help of a computer-controlled device, creates very small holes (0.4 mm in diameter) through the nail. It is a unique procedure that can only be performed by its pioneer, Dr. Gregory Teles. It’s very fast and only lasts for approximately thirty minutes. It is said to show improvement in fungal nails in just 2-8 weeks. It costs as low as $299!

Treatment and Diagnostics

Aside from the services mentioned above, All South Bay Footcare Providers offer ambulatory foot surgery. Such a treatment ensures “walking patients” who can go back to their daily routine after the surgery. Minimal Incision Surgery (MIS) is also available in treating pain from bunions, bone spurs, corns, and hammertoes. It makes a hospital visit unnecessary and assures patients with less pain, few or no stitches, and no casts or crutches.

You should not delay having a foot check-up if you feel any discomfort or pain. Look for All South Bay Footcare Providers who promise to help you with your foot problems through their services, treatments, and diagnostics.