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BIM Consultant

What Is A BIM Consultant?

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A BIM Consultant is a person who manages the building information modelling of a construction project during the lifecycle of that construction project. The consultant is the person that everyone goes to with questions in regards to the project.


Not All BIM personnel will work in the same fashion. For example, different construction projects will require different styles of management or consultants. The consultant’s job is to design the project and organize it so that the architects, construction crew, engineers, and any of the AEC professional team have the insight and the proper tools to plan out the project, the design, and the construction process.

They will also oversee the management of the project as well as the buildings and the infrastructure. Using digitalization, the consultant can show the team how things should appear upon completing the project. Each consultant will have their style, so no two consultants are alike.


It’s important to understand the depth of the project and the business before hiring on the architect teams and the construction team. Then, everyone must work well together to ensure that the project is completed timely and with proper attention to all important pertinent details.


All of the software utilized in the BIM process must be properly licensed and insured before it’s used. This can be a costly endeavour, and the consultant will often use as many software programs as deemed necessary to ensure the proper completion of the project.


Using a three-dimensional plan for the project, the BIM Consultant can then share the project’s vision with the engineers, architects, and the construction team. If modifications are required, this can add greatly to the time and cost of the overall project and may cause some delays.