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Cyber Security

How AI Will Change Cyber Security

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Cyberattack is one of the significant threats that we are facing right now. Though there are measures that we are doing to prevent it, the risk keeps on evolving as well, especially with how AI’s adaptability to learn. Many attackers are using AI to infiltrate secured data, and here are the impacts it can cause:

Blending Into the Background

Many threats can mask their presence in the database, which helps them stay longer in their target for months. It moves with caution, which gives them more advantage in attacking their targets. AI is also capable of learning the main communication channels and which protocols or ports to use for them to move around the system, giving AI the ability to blend in the database.

Because of this ability, it can compromise the device because of how stealthy they can move. It can also analyze the massive amount of data and rapidly identifies which are valuable or not. It gives the attacker to save more time and effort and help them in attacking more organizations. 

The impression of Trusted Users

AI can learn the nuances of the language and behavior of the user by understanding the social media and email communication. Attackers, using AI, will use this information to copy the writing style of the user, which is impossible to differentiate. The more these attacks infiltrate the system; the more cybersecurity is vulnerable, that even the most aware computer user is at risk. 

Effective Consequence thru Faster Attacks

It requires a skilled technician to conduct a study on their goal, check out their social accounts, and detect how the user interacts in the cyber world. In the future, a malicious AI can achieve the same level of abilities in seconds. Not only does the AI attack more consequently, but it will also be more productive. 

Traditional cybersecurity will be nothing against this danger. With the evolution of AI, protecting your data will be challenging.  


With the emerging cyber threats, cybersecurity is also using AI to fight and disrupt the data. AI, aside from being an advantage, is also an ally in fighting the danger that the hackers are using. The more you know about AI and how it can have an impact on your data, the more you will be aware of ways on increasing your protection. You can check to help you protect your data.