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Fusionex Videos Shed Light On The Company

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Being at the forefront of technology, Fusionex visualizes big data analytics, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. In designing offices, Fusionex wanted to have a unique working environment, representing how they look at modernizing technology. 

Fusionex Giant

This flagship Big Data Analytics Solution emphasizes humanized technology. This robust, user-friendly software can process vast amounts of data and presents them through simplified visualizations and charts.  Clients can view these data and information on their phones, making it easier to access anytime, anywhere. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use and, at the same time, pleasant to look at and see. This feature makes it readily available and presentable even to clients who are first-timers or not that familiar with the technology.

Innovation Gateway

This program of the company aims to showcase the latest game-changing technology in creative and impactful ways. It is also a part of the Fusionex Big Data Academy as both a platform to showcase and groom talents while also being a training ground used to enhance technical skill sets. People who work in this area see the Innovation Gateway as something that lets them use high-end technology while also allowing them to create one according to their ideas.

Focused On Staff’s Well-Being

The Fusionex Company not only gives importance to their line of work but also to their staff and employees. The management of the company ensures that everyone receives fair and equal treatment, while also providing them with facilities such as the nap room. The nap room helps the workers have power naps that, studies show, improve brain power and work productivity. Some rooms offer entertainment and other ways to destress and recharge, such as the gym, a place with massage chairs, or a game room for billiards.

The “Centerpiece” And The Loft

Moving away from the traditional meeting rooms, Fusionex chooses to make their meetings more relaxed and close to nature by including a large centerpiece fountain and some greenery. The loft is also another place that Fusionex employees can bond, talk, or spend the day when done with work.

The company of Fusionex makes an environment “for the people by the people.” There is a manifestation of energy, innovation, creative thinking, and sheer passion. The company believes in giving the employees the best environment and going the extra mile for their overall well-being.