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Movers Sarasota

5 Tips in Hiring Sarasota Moving Companies

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If you are like most people moving to Florida, you would have chosen to settle in Sarasota.  Aside from its best schools and abundant job opportunities, the cost of living in Sarasota is less expensive compared to other cities in Florida. 


When you are ready to move, remember these five tips on hiring Sarasota moving companies.


Find out their years of experience.


Choosing movers with at least ten years of experience means they already know the best industry practices.  Having addressed the needs of different clients, they are in the best position to meet your requirements.


Check their BBB ratings. 


Aside from reading testimonials on their website and other public forums, also check their ratings in the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB publishes ratings based on information taken directly from businesses and the general public.  

Choose Sarasota moving companies with ratings of A or A+. 


Clarify the scope of their services


There are moving companies that provide specialized services aside from their usual moving activities, so do not be afraid to ask.

If you are moving breakables or large items, let them know in advance so that their quotation includes the necessary labor and equipment.

For additional services like temporary storage, decluttering, and house cleaning, let them know as well.  If they cannot handle the service themselves, they may be able to recommend a reputable company.


Read online reviews from former customers


Choose at least three moving companies with good reviews.  

Google makes it easy for consumers by publishing ratings based on online reviews.  Go to Google Maps, search for a business, and see the review summary. Those rated with four stars and above are usually good choices.


Get details about their moving equipment

If you need a crane or industrial forklift to move your bulky items, ask the mover if they have available equipment.  

If they own the equipment, then it should not be a problem.  However, if the Sarasota moving companies are renting equipment, there could be moving delays due to rental availability.

With these five tips, you should have no problem in hiring a professional moving company.  Congratulations on the move!