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Patio Canopies

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Custom Canopies

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When spring comes around, you do what you can to enjoy your outdoor space. Even if your yard size is limited, it still provides the perfect place to get fresh air and soak up the sunshine. Custom canopies for your yard are the perfect solution for offering privacy, protection from the elements and enhancing the look and feel of your space. Before you commit to purchasing a custom shade sail or canopy for your yard, here are some of the most important factors to consider.

1. You should consider the size of the canopy you actually need. It is easy to overwhelm a small space and make it feel stuffy when you choose a canopy much too large. In short, leave some breathing room in your design.

2. Pay attention to the quality of the materials chosen for construction. Choosing something that isn’t mold or mildew resistant may cost you in the long run.

3. Consider how the fabric design matches your outdoor living space. You wouldn’t want custom canopies that don’t complement your property and add to your curb appeal. Pay attention to the design details! Also, think carefully as some colors naturally attract bugs.

4. How much portability do you want your shade to have? Some are just suspended with hooks and cables, therefore, easily transferred to a new spot. However, some are freestanding structures that require quite a bit of assembly time and are harder to relocate should the need arise.

Shopping for the right canopy takes some time and effort. You need to consider the space, layout and overall design of your yard before ordering a shade. By respecting the integrity of your layout and design elements, you’re much more likely to improve the space you have access to. Plus, getting outdoors is a great way to spend time with friends and family!