Does Your Deck Need A Modular Outdoor Kitchen?

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Outdoor kitchens are a cost effective and smart way to increase entertaining space in a home. An indoor kitchen remodel can cost upwards of $20,000, but modular outdoor kitchens are available for much less ($500 to $8,000). Smaller homes may also benefit from this outdoor entertaining space as it helps your friends and family gravitate towards a common area on your deck.


Low-End Modular Kitchens Vs. High-End

Apart from the easily identifiable price tags, high-end modular kitchens have quite a few additional perks that set them apart from their more affordable cousins. First and foremost, you’ll recognize that luxury modular kitchens are lengthy (longer than 6 ft) and will contain more than one or two cabinets for storage space. A high-end model will initially contain all of the features you would expect to find in a finished indoor kitchen, and that also includes fancy stainless steel appliances.


What Benefits Do Outdoor Modular Kitchens Offer?

As mentioned, you can improve the amount of entertaining space you have and create a common place where friends and family can congregate. You will find these kitchens help bring families together by allowing them to cook together and share the responsibilities.

Custom built outdoor kitchens are seen as the ultimate luxury addition to a home, and unfortunately, very few homeowners are able to afford them. Fortunately, modular kitchens aren’t just affordable and come in a number of price points, but they are easy to assemble as a DIY afternoon project with limited tools.

In case you are looking to sell your property later on, your modular kitchen adds value for potential buyers. In fact, it’s a great way to slightly ‘pad’ the price of your home. A modular outdoor kitchen is a valuable way to add space, interest and use to your home. You will find yourself looking forward to every meal you can spend together with friends and family!