Is Outsourcing the Best Solution for Data Security?

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Technology continues to evolve in the modern world daily. However, not all organizations and companies can keep up with the rapid pace of a developing system. When a company starts to fall short on the necessary workforce or internet security it needs to have, it risks exposing itself to private and confidential data vulnerability. A breach in cybersecurity may lead to the downfall of a business, which is why most Chief Technology Officers use IT outsourcing to provide a solution.

The Alarming Rate Involving Data Hacks

Data hacks and breach incidents are starting to increase in the world today, which is forcing organizations and government bodies to take cybersecurity more seriously than ever before. In 2016, Yahoo! became the victim of hacking with over three billion accounts compromised. Uber also found itself in a bad spotlight as reports discovered that private information regarding 57 million customers was stolen during the same year. Equifax witnessed over 147 million consumers get affected by a data breach in 2017. Just last year, Under Armour reported that over 150 million users saw their “My Fitness Pal” app profile get hacked.

How CTOs Try to Combat Data Breach

The increasing rate of data breach incidents rises every year as job opportunities and skills shortage worsen within organizations. Companies are facing numerous challenges when it comes to managing and maintaining a reliable security network. Some of the obstacles CTOs face are developing the skills they need from their current employees and paying for training while operating outside threats in need of immediate action. Local hiring is also becoming a difficult problem, forcing CTOs to look for IT outsourcing.

How Outsourcing Fits in a Company’s Needs

To combat cyber threats, CTOs must first rely on developing the skills of existing staff members to adapt to the attacks made by hackers. However, IT outsourcing allows companies to hire teams with enough skills, knowledge, and experience to handle surprises and risks at the moment. While it may be a gut punch to the current group within the organization, CTOs will feel better if someone is dealing with the cyberthreats the company in the present. CTOs may also try to develop a Public-private partnership with outsources to create or maintain connections with organizations. It allows companies to push out the threats of internet hacking further.

IT outsourcing provides companies with a quick solution to risks and threats that are uncommon, especially when the in-house IT security team is struggling. However, it remains the priorities of most companies to help their team develop and train within the field to avoid skills shortage.